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NOW AVAILABLE – Hive Hardware Kits

We now have AZ Bee hive and AZ Langstroth Bee hive kits available for purchase. Each kit includes detailed blue prints, instructions, and all necessary hardware. You supply your own wood.


We are the only company that offers Kits for AZ Bee hives and AZ Langstroth Bee hives. Our bee hives are American Made and easy to assemble. From commercial bee farmers to back yard enthusiasts, the bee world will bee buzzing about our new modified AZ Lang bee hive.  Easier to maintain and healthier for the bees, Precious Bee Hives are the superior hive for your colony. Buy yours online today from Precious Bee Hives. Our AZ Bee Hives are proudly made in the USA.


Hives Kits

Check out all of our beehive products.