If you are thinking about starting to do some beekeeping and want to know more, there are many reasons for keeping bees, such as the beneficial products that they produce: honey, beeswax, pollen, royal jelly, and propolis (a sticky resin collected from buds and used as a glue in the hive). Also, flowers and agricultural crops are hugely benefited by bees due to their major role in pollination. When managing a colony of bees you give yourself control over the actions or numbers of these great pollinators. The honey bee colony is easily moved for ideal placement where it is needed most for pollination and there are additional advantages as well, such as their instinctive pollen-hoarding behavior and availability in large numbers. The pollinating service that the honey bee offers has consistently lowered the cost of many fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds by many times. Beekeepers can generate income in a variety of ways by moving their colonies around during the season, however, many beekeepers choose to maintain just a small number of hives for their own enjoyment or for the production of enough honey for their own home and pollination of home gardens and orchards. Precious Beehives would love to help you in your journey as a new beekeeper by providing you with the easiest to maintain, high quality beehive possible. The best option in beehives for all around ease of use and productivity is the AZ beehive. We provide you with two options upon ordering, a fully assembled and expertly handcrafted AZ beehive or a package with all the materials you will need to build it yourself, along with access to detailed instructions on how to put it together at home. When you order through Precious Beehives you guarantee excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship for your AZ beehive that will mean incredible durability and effectiveness in housing and protecting your bee colony. Call Precious Beehives at 810-387-4990 today to learn more about your options for ordering your own AZ beehive.


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